3 Things You Can Do With Zippcoin Right Now

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1. Help a friend get started with their allowance

Let a friend know about zippcoin and that they start receiving an allowance as soon as they sign up.
They just need your email address to join you in the zippcoin alpha.

2. Explore existing zippcoin users

Go to wallet.zippcoin.com to open your zippcoin wallet.
Click the “Transparency” tab (looks like a magnifying glass) at the bottom to see other new zippcoin users.
See who is near to you.
See who is on the other side of the world.

3. Send someone zippcoin

Send 3 zippcoin to someone right now. For any reason. Or no reason.


Find another user with the Transparency tab in your wallet.
Or send zippcoin to any friend, using their email address, even if they don’t have an account yet.
(They’ll get a note that they received zippcoin, and that it is waiting for them when they open their account.)
You don’t need any reason.  You can just say hello.


Don’t sweat the amount, it’s only 3. You’ll get more zippcoin in another week.
And you may help someone get started with their own allowance.  Or meet someone interesting.
And perhaps they’ll send you 3 back. Or 2. Or 4.

Solicit many new users

Reach out to as many as you can.
Let people know, that because you are an existing user, your email can be used to allow new users in the zippcoin alpha.
Every person who uses either Facebook or Twitter (or both) to start their allowance will get a month’s worth of zippcoin (500) – and so will you.


Note: zippcoin is in alpha, you can expect zippcoin to be new to most people.

Determine what something costs in zippcoin

Figure out what you can buy from a friend using zippcoin.
What does it take to buy a bag of chips from a friend? Or get them to do a simple chore?


Will it take a week’s worth of zippcoin? Two weeks’ worth?  A month’s worth of zippcoin? Something else?

Experiment and try to buy something using zippcoin, instead of cash

First, help a friend get setup with zippcoin (and collecting their weekly allowance).
Then, see what it takes in zippcoin to purchase something from them. A snack. A meal. A drink. Or a small item. Or a simple chore.
One weeks’ worth of zippcoin? Two weeks worth?
Can you save cash by using zippcoin?

Experiment and try to earn something using zippcoin

Try to sell something and accept zippcoin as payment.
Can you sell a small item that you don’t need anymore to a friend, for zippcoin?
Or is there something that you can do for another zippcoin user who is nearby? Or who is in a different country?

Try Tweeting someone zippcoin

As long as your zippcoin account includes authorization with your Twitter credentials (i.e. if you have ever signed in with your Twitter credentials), you may “tweet money.”
From your Twitter account, simply compose a tweet that includes:
(1) the destination Twitter address and
(2) one of the following hashtags: #sendzippcoin or #sendzpc or #zpcsend or #zippcoinsend next to
(3) the number of zippcoin that you want to send.


“Hey @BarackObama have some zippcoin on me #sendzippcoin 25″
would send President Obama, or, more precisely, his staff, 25 zippcoin, as long as you have at least 25 zippcoin in your account.
“Hey @BarackObama have some zippcoin on me 25 #sendzippcoin”
would also accomplish this.
“Hey @BarackObama @ladygaga have some zippcoin #sendzippcoin 25″
would send BOTH the President’s staff and Lady Gaga each 25 zippcoin (provided you had at least 50 zippcoin in your account).
The following hashtags may all be used: #sendzippcoin #zippcoinsend #sendzpc #zpcsend
Note that this service usually works, but is not guaranteed. If you want to double check that the coin was actually sent, simply check your account. If the coin was successfully sent, you will have a record of it in your transaction history.
Note also that you can also send zippcoin to any Twitter account from your everyday zippcoin wallet using your zippcoin wallet’s standard “Send” function, simply enter either the desired person’s Twitter friendly name or their actual Twitter address in the “Recipient” field.